Surf lesson Tel aviv Israel

Surfing Tel aviv

Tel Aviv has had a surfing culture since the 1950s
The Topsea Surfing Center is the first surfing center in Israel and has the richest experience in surfing waves in Israel
We enjoy the best surf guides in Israel.
Surfing in Israel is one of the best in the world for the beginner surfer because the sea is considered forgiving compared 
to the great ocean, the waves are softer and allow for safer surfing, and we also have no dangerous animals in the sea, which
 allows for pleasant and safe surfing.
If you want to surf with us, the best way is to send us an WhatsApp to the number +972504329001 and set a private surfing 
The price is very cheap and very worth it, it will probably be the best surfing rate you can ask for.
A private surfing lesson can be one on one or up to five participants per instructor depending on what suits you.
Topsea Center is located next to the best surfing beaches in Tel Aviv.

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